11 September, 2008

Again - absence

Ok, so I have been very slack, in one sense any way. and yes it is an important sense, cos it is the Blog sense, in another way I have also been very busy. This may help to explain said slackness with the said blog, ie: The one you are reading and the others in the Louise stable of blogs.
So onto the life updatetm:

Work is improving, a lot. I am in the process of procuring a new boss, with in the framework of my present position. This also means I have work to do, which is most satisfactory. The new boss I lovely. I am getting the feeling that the old boss has yet to be old of this change in arrangements..... hmmm. Not my issue, kind of.
Updates to follow, as they occur.

On the 23rd and 24th of August, we started the process to get Clara 'knocked up'. The boy dog in question is very nice, his name is Harry, he is an American, Canadian and Australian champion:

He's even actually a nice dog when away from shows.
So, it's 9 weeks gestation and we have to wait til around 4 weeks to find out if there are any puppies. If there are some, they will arrive for my birthday and be ready for people to take home for Christmas! But we still have to wait another week or so to find out if there are any puppies. Fingers crossed, but also VERY nervous.

Grrrr. The garage fell down quite some time ago now (nearly 3 months) and we still aren't very much more advanced then we were then. Advances made:

  • bricks picked up
  • some wood removed to Martin's country property
  • old tilt-a-door removed to Martin's country property
  • shed company chosen
  • building permit applied for
  • building permit knocked back
  • planing permit applied for

Tasks still to be completed
  • permit (of any sort approved)
  • Concrete cut up
  • Footings dug
  • Shed built
  • concrete removed
  • Stuff moved off the back porch
  • concrete poured
  • Neil's things moved from Camberwell

Will this ever end? I'm thinking 'no' at this stage.

Facebook/Bimbo and other web lives
I have some new obsessions that are probable taking time away from my all important blogging. One the dot game, on facebook, I love it, I can highly recommend it, go, play now. Two fish wrangler, on facebook, I love it, I can highly recommend it, go, play now. Three My Bimbo, it is good, but recently the change the look of the doll, and now it looks a bit too much like a 'bratz' doll for my liking, anyway, have a go, if you can be fagged.

Family stuff
Everyone is all good, except for Neil's Dad. Nothing new to report, that I have been told anyway.

I did have something to write under this heading, but I have forgotten it now....

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Tracey and Huffle said...

New boss? How come I haven't heard about this before now?