10 October, 2008

Back in the saddle again

So, ages ago, I was eating Lite n Easy, partly cos it lite, partly cos it's easy. That all went to the dogs when Neil moved in, cos why would you eat boring food from the microwave when Neil cooks yummy real food? Well, it turns out that you eat it, cos if you don't you end up weighting something like 20 or 30 kg more than you should (according to the oh so wise weight chart.)
So, I'm back onto it again. It's nearly the end of...... the first day, and I'm holding up ok. A bit hungry. I'm currently waiting for neil to come home from the brewery, with pizza (didn't know they had a website til just now!), which I won't be having any of. If I can do 6 weeks, I'll be happy, 12-20 would be better. Wish me luck!


neety said...

Keep away from the evil lemon tarts and pecan pies and you'll be fine!

btw love the new hair colour and style; looks great.

I enjoyed the picnic today (apart from the dreadful wind). It was lovely to catch up again.

hugs :)

beesknees said...

Oh, rather you than me, but good luck. I have definitely decided that I prefer doing lots of exercise over not eating what I want. although unfortunately I think I need both sicne I'm not losing any weight - but not putting it on either. the other option is giving up alcohol 'cos I reckon thats my major downfall, but thats just crazy talk

Neil said...

He! They have a website!