13 October, 2008

Books vs Movies

Many is the time I can recall saying "Yeah but the book was heaps better". Only once can I recall saying "Man that book sucked, give me the movie any day" (That was about Bridget Jones)
Last night we watch the Golden Compass. We both enjoyed it immensely, until the last scene, when we were both saying "Oh No! where is the rest?" I kind of get a bit pissed with films that appear to be simply a vehicle for the next film. But even with the slight sour note at the end, I loved this film, the whole world it created was excellent. It had the common American film issue of explaining all the magic, but not in too offensive a manor. It was very pretty, I didn't feel the effect were too 'in your face' and I like the people. Now I'm off to find the book so well have to see how it compares. I have had it on good authority that the book is good.

P.S. I found this:

It was meant to link to the web site, but it was all broken :(

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