08 November, 2008

Dog, not Scared-ey

Clara, she's just not scared or worried about anything. Today Neil had his swag (big canvas bag with a zip around the edge (it's for sleeping in when you can't be arsed with a tent)) out and was putting the sleeping mat, sleeping and and pillow back into it. He invited Clara in for a look, she wandered in, right to the bottom, sniffed around and wandered out. I scratched at the material from the out side and she went back in, had a go at my hand, wondered round in there some more and came out again. She just isn't worried about anything! So long as we are there with here, she'll do anything! I just didn't know how she got like this, not that I'd swap, it great, but it's a wonder to me every time she does stuff like that. Molly would never do anything like that.
Obviously it was hard work for the both of them though, as they are now both asleep on chairs.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

It's very tiring! She is amazingly fearless though.