10 November, 2008

it's me

Now I know some of my regular readership is going to groan most heartily at this, but what you can see here is my Birth Chart

There was also pages and pages of stuff that tells me all about myself. Here are some of the amusing ones I felt were TRUE:
  • 82 Conjunction Sun - Mars : She is energetic, determined, courageous, she is full of self-confidence. She likes to dominate, command, direct. She overcomes all difficulties by sheer will-power. She is frank.
  • Moon in IV : She likes family life, peace and quiet: she likes to stay at home, surrounded by loved ones, in agreeable circumstances. Positively influenced by the mother.
  • Mercury in II : Intelligence geared towards ways of making money, becoming rich. All methods are good, sometimes she is on the borderline of honesty, with a tendency to be fraudulent.
  • Saturn in Leo : In a position of authority, she likes responsibilities and assumes them. She receives favours from patrons, who recognize her merits or similarly receives honors in return for well-accomplished tasks.
  • House V in Capricorn : The absolute example of the "serious" type. Everything is calculated, the slightest risk analyzed, patience is one of her main qualities. Doesn't know anything about chance. One or two love affairs, marriage, a family, all unproblematic - done calmly with love and wisdom.
  • House IX in Taurus : Travels but little, no great attraction for abroad. Doesn't change principles, practically never changes mind.
  • House XII in Leo : A few problems with authority or someone in charge.

Then here are the ones I felt were not so true (Bullshit):
  • 322 Conjunction Sun - Uranus : She is above all independent and original. She likes change, reforms, she is allergic to everything routine. She has a strong personality, and has many friends.
  • Venus in III : Likes everything that is beautiful, likes decorum. Outstanding intelligence. She works in a trade linked to beauty, fashion. Numerous select friends.
  • Saturn in XII : She likes quiet and solitude above everything. She looks for work (or can work) alone, without being bothered. She hates chatting, outside noises.
  • House IV in Sagittarius : She will certainly marry a foreigner, or go to live abroad permanently and set up home there.

Hope this has entertained you as much as it did me... :)


Tracey and Huffle said...

Where oh where do you find these things???

beesknees said...

House IX in Taurus and House IV in Sagittarius seems to be pretty contradictory.
I did mine too, he he
my favourites: 'She is proud and arrogant, and considers herself much superior to others.'
'Likes intellectual discussions', 'Discussing ideas is not her cup of tea.'

Louise said...

I noticed when i read the restof mine latter that I had some really contradictory ones too. I'm sure that's when a person that is into that sort of thing would say that's why you should pay to have one done in person