10 December, 2008

Nice person

Monday I had a Scottie club meeting that I almost completely forgot about. I has sitting at my desk, much as I am now, thinking about going home, when I suddenly realised that I had a scottie meeting on and that I was supposed to be there in less than 50 mins, by public transport, to a place I had never been before (The Flemmington Race Course Taberet). So I quickly checked the tram I needed and headed out the door. Whilst riding through all the tiny streets in North Melbourne, I was completely convinced that I was on the wrong tram, but eventually it turned into the street I was expecting and I started to think about where the Flemmington Race Course Taberet might actually be. The tram driver and I were discussing this (he was most helpful and was slowing the tram down at each street so we could look down them and see if we could see it) when a fellow passenger came and asked me what I was looking for. I said and she said
"Oh, I'm going there, you can come with me!"
Any way, it turns out that the Taberet is miles from the tram stop and this lady organises to meet here husband in the car at the tram stop and drives to the Taberet. So I just jumped in the car with them. Most convenient! So while this post is tagged 'rant' it's actually a good rant!

Also, I managed, some how, to get myself elected vice president of the club.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

Oh the power!

It's nice to see someone being nice. It restores my faith in the world.