13 December, 2008


Quite some time ago, our garage fell down. We erected our lovely $40 Bunnings marque. As much as we hated it and had to fix in storms and stuff over the last few months, adding rope and gaffer tape to it's flimsy construction, it is with sadness that I announce, less than a mere week before it's useful life would have been over anyway, the marque has died.

Given that it is currently December, Summer and in Australia, it is of course, pissing rain (hmmmm maybe there is something to this stooiped climate change crap) and very windy. The roof of the marque, which did have a number of holes in it already, completely gave up, tearing through on one side. More poles (the ones with out the gaffer tape) came apart. I announced that the tent was dead and we should give up. The footings for the new garage went in on Thursday and the men should be back early next week to put the actual structure up. Everything is still wrapped in tarps, which we died down (using the rope that had held the tent down) so fingers crossed it'll last 3 or 4 more days.

RIP $40 marque......


Tracey and Huffle said...

For $40, you can't complain too much.

Anonymous said...

Ahh we morn the loss of the $40 marque. While it wasn't always liked by many... (well actaully hated by all even before it was bought, with comments of WOW, thats crap, perfect!) We must remember that it did step up and preform its duty as temporary shed with average effort and marginal success!
So here's to the memory of a marque that was given a momunmental task and took that task and said fuck off! I'm not bult to do that!!

Louise said...

Thanks Scott, very deep :)

Love it