17 January, 2009

Clara, the helper dog

I have just been given shit for not putting this photo of Clara up. This is Clara being a helper with the de-constrruction of the old garage.
Clara the helper dog 
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Gibscot said...

Scotties are such great helpers! My Tavi loves to help with the gardening...hides my tools for me, pull up the plants I just planted, digs holes...great helper! I planted some Alpine Strawberries just for him...he adores them, but when he runs out of the fruit he eats them down to the roots!

Louise said...

Duncan, my first Scottie used to help mum with the gardening. We had to put roof tiles around the bottom of each new plant she planted, and leave them there for a few months, so he wouldn't dig them up.

beesknees said...

being this helpful also extends beyond scotties. Toby (our bitsa Kelpie cross) used to love to help Mum to bring in the washing, he he. For some reason though she didnt want this help so tried to discourage him with old shirts soaked in cayenne pepper on the line (it didnt work).