18 January, 2009

Here's the low down.....

OK, so here is the low down on the renovations. The whole house, when Mum and Dad bought the house a few years ago, was the same color (a yukky pinkie color called mintage pumas stone). I mean EVERY room, including the toilet and everything is this color. So we have decided to start on the two small bed rooms (out of the four) as our learning projects. It's all going rather well, and I now feeling excited enough about the project to put up some pictures. Unfortunately, I forgot take before photos of the room we are actually working on, but I have taken photos of the 2nd bedroom, which is practically the same anyway, just to give you an idea. Here is one and the others are here.

Here is Clara helping:

Here are our tools and the work plan and color charts!

Last but not last, here are the color tests....

I know, I know, it's blue and Neil is constantly bitching about how much blue there is in the house, and yes, we appear to have picked a blue that is almost exactly the same as "Mum's" blue! Funny :) Anyway, we're thinking of maybe going with the darker blue on the card with 3 colors on it instead. Remember that in the real paint the window frame will be in full gloss, not the semi gloss that this sample paint is in. Also, believe it or not, the wall is actually painted the color of the card at the top, no really it is!

The second bedroom, cos it has a mauve-ey blue colored carpet will end up being a pinky purple room. The 1st bedroom we have no thoughts on yet. Lastly we will be doing the main part of the house. Should easily keep us busy for the rest of the year! Old mu fingers hurt, this renovating thing is going to kill me!

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Gibscot said...

How about trying some sponge painting? It's great fun and if you don't like it when it's done just paint over it! Ha! :D