04 January, 2009

It's started

Yesterday I started on my first major bit of home renovation. I went to Bunnings and bought 'stuff' (Stuff in this case was sand paper, polly filla, no more gaps and masking tape.) Then, after a bit of therapeutic sewing, I took all the nails out of the walls, took the curtain and rail down and starting sanding various 'bits' of the wall.

Today, we bought out the big guns and got the sander and heat gun in on the job. I did a fair bit of manual paint stripping around the windows, then more with the heat gun (only one tiny burn so far.) Neil got to the door frame and it's pretty much done.

Now, my armies hurt and the bottle of water I am currently drinking is the BEST water I've had in AGES!

Note: I am starting a new tag today!


beesknees said...

rather you than me, although that kind of manual building repairing type work is very satisfying when its done. So what exactly are you doing?

Louise said...

Well, we are starting on the easy stuff. We are repainting the two small bed rooms. The whole house, every room, is painted the same color, it's called minitage pumice stone. It's a boring pinky brown. I will put au pictures, I was too tired the other day!