01 January, 2009

My day is ruined

So, Neil and Scott are off to see the band they see every new years day and I am left at home to do stuff. I have this great plan of starting my new cross stitch today, cos experience has shown than this will take around a year and a half, and time is ticking away on my 101 in 1001 and I need to get moving. I got all the bits and pieces together and then thought, "better grab the pattern now" only to discover that I don't have a print out of it. Crap. Officeworks is closed and I totally CAN'T be stuffed driving all the way to work, on a public holiday to print out a new copy. I can totally tell, even now, that I will end up doing this, other wise I will end up going back to bed and reading the Jamie novel until I fall asleep. Oh well.

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