27 September, 2009

Ugly People

I have been to the Show recently, to see the Scottie dogs on show, to visit with mum and dad (who's steam club had a display there this year)and to apparently expose my eyes and sear my brain with visions of some of the ugliest people it has been my dis-pleasure to ever see. Where do these people live for the rest of the year? I never see such sites during my normal day to day life. Yuk! Oh well, as the Show is finishing today, so hopefully I won't be assaulted by any similar sights until next year.


beesknees said...

I also saw ugly people at the Show, one in particular that we went to high school with. 15 years later and he still looked the same, if even more dorky than back then (if thats possible). But I did feel kind of sad to see him there alone.

Louise said...

You can't make a comment like that and not tell me who it was!!!!!

beesknees said...

I thought you'd say that, but didnt think it was fair to name names on a blog. I'll tell you later