27 September, 2009

Geocaching Event

As mentioned below, I seem to have developed a new hobby. Geocaching! Yes, I am a nerd. But this is ok, cos apparently I know quite a few of them, and some are even prepared to join in on this hobby. Now it's NOT nerdy, it's social! Anyway, recently there was an "event" on in the City called the City Circle Scramble. There were heaps of (nerdy) people. We were all given clues and maps and set loose to try and get as many of them done as possible. I teamed up with Scott a friend who doesn't like to be identified publicly (aka Firey_Scott) and Claire (aka BoMChick). Given that none of us been to an event like this before, I was very please to discover that we came 5th out of the 15 or so teams that competed! I was also a bit releaved we didn't come first as part of the prize is to organise next years event!


beesknees said...

thats a prize?! I think I'd be too scared to enter if that was a risk

Louise said...

There were 'prize' prizes as well, for 2nd and third, that included cool geocaching stuff, truly it was worth getting an actual prize! And of course, being the total nerd that I am, I'm sure I would actually enjoy organising the event, it would just be a lot of work!