30 November, 2009

The polls have now closed

Thanks for the advice everyone, you all chose what I was leaning towards. The D rings are now installed. For those of you who haven't been keeping up with my sewing projects (cos you know, like I haven't actually told you or anything), here is a photo of the coat so far: (You try taking a photo of your own back!) In this picture I am wearing a black t-shirt under the coat (with no sleeves) and you can almost see (if you squint and close one eye) that the coat is actually very dark navy, not black. Also, in real life, when you aren't viewing the coat with a flash, the ribbon matches very well, and isn't 3 shades lighter like in looks in this picture.


Super Mum said...

That does look very good and because I've already seen it I know how well the colours match. Excellent work
By the way I poles should be polls (not being picky but it did sound like something electrical)

Huffle Mawson said...

It's going to look wonderful! Makes much more sense after our conversation yesterday.

beesknees said...

I started to write here a whole long philospohical debate about whether you can you really call a coat a coat if it has no sleeves, and if not what do you call it? (does the term coat refer to its use (keeping you warm - and stylish) or just aspects of its design - length and cut) etc when I realsied that your coat probably just doesnt have sleeves 'cos you're still making it and probably havent attached them yet. Ooops, I do get carried away sometimes.