23 November, 2009

We ain't doin' this right

So, obviously Clara ate pretty much all of the milk that was in this bowl. If we keep her away from the puppies for long enough for them to have a go, she gets really annoyed (I tried shutting her out side yesterday, and in the end Molly cam into me and whined at me to say 'hey Mum, you know Clara's at the door, asking to come in don't you?' quite funny really.)
I can see we might just be a bit early on the whole weaning thing, but at this rate their never going to get any, Clara will always be quicker. Any thoughts would be appreciated....
This shot was posed, but still cute.


beesknees said...

he he, very cute indeed

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

They are very cute - I usually don't start weaning until about the beginning or middle of the 5th week. And according to the experts, letting the pups fight with Mom for a place at the food bowl is crucial to helping them learn to fend for themselves.

I use an old glass pie plate so that the food is spread out more - that gives more spaces to get in there. And I do try to keep the Mom out until the pups have had a go at it - about 5 minutes.

They will learn to eat on their own and when they do - you will have more work - poop to clean up and feedings every 4 hours.

Best of luck with your beautiful little puppies - wish I lived close enough to adopt one of them.


Louise said...

Thanks Lynn. I really appreciate your insights and experiences!