22 November, 2009

eyes=play, walking and lapping

All the puppies eyes are now open and they are well and truly into the 'get to know the rest of their litter' phase. It's amazing to see that the bite each others head game is such a favourite from day one. Yellow is defiantly the best walker of the three, although he tried to shake this morning... that was funny.
The puppies are trying to chew things already, so I went and got them some toys yesterday. It might be a bit early yet, but we'll see how we go. Also if anyone has any ideas on how go get Mum not to steal the toys off the babies I'd appreciate any input.
As the puppies are biting things, I figured this meant they are starting teething. So I have tried them on a bowl of puppy milk. I was amazed, they had the idea right off! They did make a fairly large mess, but all three of them were licking away. Mostly at the side of the bowl, but it's progress. I have the issue that Clara is very quick to drink the milk herself, and keeping her away is difficult. Again, and ideas will be appreciated.
Neil has bought an enormous penis extension, I mean flash for his new camera, so more and better photos of the puppies to follow. (It's one of those ones that bounces the flash off the ceiling and has filers and stuff on it to make it not so bright and it there for won't hurt their eyes.)

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