19 December, 2009


I was on the like tram the like other day, and there was like these two like teen aged like girls. I like just couldn't like believe the like way they were like speaking like! I thought I'd like transported like over to the set of like "Clueless" or like right something.
The odd thing was that these to girls weren't that young (had to be 18 ish) and didn't look all grotty, they good actually fairly intelligent, provided you didn't actually listed to them and how they were speaking. weird.


beesknees said...

ah, they all talk like that. I know I'm getting old and even more intolerant but its so horrible. I was on a work Young Professional Network bus trip a little while ago and the people in front of me were talking like that and they are almost 30.

joolzmac said...

OMG, I was like, yeah, I like can't believe kids actually, like talk like this! It really, like, irks me! And another thing that, like, irks me is when the check out chickie says "Is it just them ones there today, is it?" as she's putting through my 2 items. One day I swear I'll say - "No, it just THOSE two items there today, thank you!" Aaargh!