18 February, 2010


Today, after a seemingly interminable wait, the fencing man arrived to put in the posts for our two new gates (it hasn't actually been that long, it's just the puppies can;'t be outside during the day, when we are not home, until the new gates are in, as our front gate is a bit dodge). This was duly accomplished, all before 11am. So I let the puppies outside. Then I noticed one puppy had a dirty nose.....
I had a look and yes, it was concrete. What a helpful boy, he had decided to have a dig in the nice wet concrete. Thankfully, when I found the spot he'd had a go at, there was no real damage done, I smoothed it over and it will be fine. I nipped back inside to get the camera to take a photo of the naughty puppies face (God why do Scotties get into everything) and took a nice photo of Finn's face, only to realise, I had been looking at Conner's messy face not two seconds ago!
Oh Dear. Two dirty puppies.
I cleaned then up, with a face-washer, in the laundry trough (in face, I think it was actually the same I just about 4 years ago to clean tortured slug off Clara's face in the first week we had her home).
Anyway, I put their fence around the offending concrete and went to write this post, only to discover Guthrie also has a concrete-ie nose. AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am yet to discover which of the 4 bits of concrete he has gotten into. God I should have gone to work, it would have been more restful!concreters

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