18 February, 2010

good/sad and good

Today Finlay went to his new people. I have been very sad because of that, but I do know that the people will be very good parents for him, so it is also good. They run a reception center in Monbulk, where they work from home. They dog Elli, sits in their office with them all day, on her own couch. We are wondering how long it will take Fin to become the boss and own the whole couch. Apparently their whole staff and looking forward to the new puppy coming. So even though I am now crying AGAIN, I know Fin will be very happy there.

In other news, today Clara caught her first mouse! (Don't even thing of asking why there was a mouse in the house for her to catch, it probable isn't worth it) I had seen the mouse earlier in the day, whilst on the phone, and pointed out to Clara where is was hiding, under the fridge, so she know it was in the general area. Later tonight, Neil was helping Clara sniff around by moving things. He moved one thing in the 'alcove' and the mouse came zooming out from under some stuff on a shelf in the alcove towards the middle of the kitchen. Clara whizzed around and snap, the mouse was dead. Clara took the mouse outside, then the puppies came and took it off her.......... and ate it. There is obviously no picture for this post, as that would be gross.


Anonymous said...

Well you will just have to bring Clara up here and real with our mice too.
I'm sure Fin will be really spoilt with such nice people all those staff - it looks like a lovely home.

beesknees said...

cool that you found a new home for one of your puppies.
eww, I wouldnt have thought they'd eat the mouse.