07 December, 2010


Look what I got!!


Anonymous said...

Well its a nice shade of blue and I can see the scottie logo, but.......er, ummm, what it it???

Fay said...

Glad someone else also can't work out what we are looking at and are happy that you have received!?
It is a good thing that it has arrived??
(I thought I was just a bit ignorant).
It looks maybe like a scottie saucer but I don't know what all the blue and metal(?)is.
Do we get a prize if we can guess what it is?

beesknees said...

hmm, I too am confounded. some kind of a pressing/stamping contraption for making scottie club coasters?

looks like fun anyway.

Fay said...

hey beesknees, that sounds like a good guess.

Katie said...

It looks to me like a badge maker! =)

Do I win a prize if I'm right? =P

Louise said...

I'm thinking there might have to be a prize! And Katie wins it!!!
What would you like on your badge? (how could the prize be anything else?)

Fay said...

Well done Katie! :)

Katie said...

Yay! Go me! I would like... ummmm. No idea. Lol.