31 January, 2010


I have just gotten back from a fire deployment to Cann River (what a party town that is) and running the cache for the base camp there. While I was there I had the weirdest 24hr flu thing I have even had. I had a head ache for 48 hrs and 'hot colds' for almost exactly 24 hrs, starting at 7pm ish on Monday and finishing at 5pm ish on the Tuesday. Really odd. Being sick at fire is always a pain in the bum as it involves lots of paper work. All of the paper work in question is is designed to be filled in for injuries, not being sick, so it never really makes sense. Anyway, the deployment went really well, all the people on it were great and we did lots of good work. The equipment cache was a total disaster when I got there and I left it perfectly up-to-date, so I am very happy (and smug) camper.

16 January, 2010

Puppy problems

this isn't any actual problems with the puppies them selves, they are great! They had their first showers the other day, they have so much more stamina now, they have had their second vaccinations and gotten their microchips. I will be sending off their registration form next week.
No, the problem is I now have no buyers for them. I am not sure what to do about this. I am currently adjusting to the idea that we are going to have 5 dogs. I don't know how to train 3 dogs at the same time. Molly and Clara think their names are interchangeable enough, how on earth do you get three puppies to know their names apart?
Anyway, to this end, we have finally named them, so I would like to introduce Finlay, Guthrie and Conner! (previously known as Red, Blue and Yellow.)
Finlay - not RedFinlayGuthrie - not BlueGuthrieConner - not YellowConner

I am about to go out and have a go at clipping the little guys heads, so you can go off and look at the heaps more photos I have loaded up of them! Also, please let me know if you know any one, preferable in Australia, who might like a perfectly lovely Scottie puppy!

01 January, 2010

progress report and upcoming events

Ages ago, long time readers may remember, I started the do 101 things in 1001 days challenge. I am over 2/3 the way through the time in this challenge and I have enjoyed it immensely so far. I am not completely confident that I will be able to complete all my tasks by the 3rd of November this year, but I plan on making every effort.

Part of this effort will be to knock a few of the easy but 'haven't gotten round to them' task off this list asap this year (or at least schedule them so I tell people and they have more chance of happening, especially those task that need other people along to complete them) hence I am telling you about them... here... now. (I'm telling you on this blog, in case you don't know about the other one)
  • I am going to book a table at the Swiss Club for dinner of the 5th or 12th of February, for dinner. I'd like to hear from anyone (who I know) who would be interested in coming.

  • I am going to hold a 24 hour video movie marathon. Obviously I don't expect many people other than.... well probable only me actually, to stay for the whole gig, but anyone (again: who I know) that might be interested in coming, let me know. I am thinking Saturday the 19th of June, as this is just before the winter solstice. (planning ahead, I know!) I will publish a proposed program, which will be open to majority wins voting on the night.

  • I am going to host a games night. You (if I actually know you) are invited! It will be on Saturday the 27th of March. It will be fun, and slightly nerdy. There will be beer, and prizes!

  • I need to organise a picnic. This a bit of a danger, cos as you know: Melbourne weather. It can be a bit dodge. This one I will get back to you (oh mythical web person) soon.

  • Role-playing. Yes it is a nerd fest. I will have to get back to this one too. I need to decide if I am going to GM this or ask a friend, I also have a feeling I am going to have difficulty getting takers for this one.