26 July, 2013

86 tram

I don't think I have ever told you my favorite 86 tram story. I mean technically I have probable told each person who is likely to read this blog the story, but I don't think I've told it ON the blog, to that counts.
Once upon a time, I was heading home on the 86 tram. This tram travels from right outside my work, up smith street, then high street and eventually all the way to bundoora, where at the end of the line is a 'mental' home. Now I'm sure there is a more PC term for this, but I have had two pints of cider, so at this point I don't really care.
Anyway, half way along the smith street section, two fairly merry seeming 'ladies' got on the tram. They were talking loudly and generally behaving like the usual crowd you get on the smith street tram. Anyway, not long after boarding, just before the next stop, one of the two quietly threw up in the stairwell. Her friend, full of sympathy, as they were exiting the tram was heard by me, and most of the rest of the tram, to exclaim: "I told you you shouldn't have had that stollie* before your methadone!!"
Ahhh, what a nice story. For me, personally, this story totally sums up the 86 tram. Kind of drug addicted, a bit fucked in the head, but mostly friendly and harmless.

* alcoholic white wine spritzer.

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