27 July, 2013


So, some how, I managed to get some sort of 'stomach thing'.  I was fine when I left work and wet out for a few ciders, I was fine when I got on the tram and came home.  I was sitting in front of the tv and realised my stomach was really quite sore.  I decided a small dinner was in order and Neil was heating a sausage roll, so I just had one of these.  It didn't help, I still felt awful, so I went to bed.  I had a shit nights sleep, cos I was uncomfortable, no matter how I was lying.  When I work up, I still felt awful, and that had been the continuing theme for the day.  About three I decided soup would be a good idea.  It wasn't.  Back to bed, still feeling awful.

Without going in to too many revolting details, things are slowly moving down and I feel like I'm slowly improving.  I got so brave, I decided to have plain dry biscuits and lemonade.  These went down so well, the after a while I decided to try the soup again.  There was nearly a set back, and I had to have a quick lie down, but in the end. I think it went down ok.  God I hope I feel better tomorrow.  I've already cancelled the day of caching I had lined up :(

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