31 July, 2013

today a year ago....

Today a year ago, I was lined up to go under the knife.  It was supposed to be a day procedure op, but I ended up being operated on for 4 fours and in hospital for 4 days.
There was so much nastiness inside me that the surgeon had to cut a proper hole in me and pull bits out of me to do the whole job.  He ended up being very happy with the job he did and has remained positive that everything should work properly.
I was lucky enough to be involved in a pre and post research project to check how the surgery affected me. The results of this showed there was an effect, as expected, but not a totally detrimental one (ie: a pretty good result given the mess they found and how invasive the surgery was)  Regardless of these positive (ish) results, not everything has gone completely to plan.
I feel very ambivalent and conflicted about the whole situation.
Life, why is it not easy?

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