30 July, 2013

The stargate

Today I happened to be up and Melbourne Uni closing a bank account I not longer use and they wanted to charge me money on. I went past this
It's a stargate
it reminded me about a cache I did that used this art installation as part of the clues. I'd had Neil drop me off at this end of town. It was, from memory, a fairly cold and wet day, I know I had my rain coat with me.  I collected this cache and some there's in the area and made my way south, picking up caches all day in the city.  I ended up down by the Yarra, I was completely soaked and totally exausted. I'd been caching all day.
A few weeks latter I realised I'd managed to loose a travel bug somewhere during the day. I know I'd had it at the start of the day, as I had a photo of it at the final to this Stargate cache. But I couldn't find it anywhere. I was dreading emailing the owner to say I'd lost it, so I just pretended I still had it, and randomly visited it to caches.  
Nearly a year latter, I found it!!! It was in the pocket of my rain coat, but over summer I'd had no cause to use it, so never found it.  What a relief.

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Ann said...

Its better when you find $$$ in a pocket you haven't worn for a year