10 August, 2013


So I have been thinking we should get a cleaner for a while now, but it I am a but of a tight arse and that has been competing with my inner lazy.
In the end, I was finally able to find a justification.  We both work full time and that more commitments than we really need (and sometimes want).  We don't ever seem to get time to clean the house cos we are off doing our extra 'non-work' activities and then if we do dedicate a day to cleaning the house, once every blue moon or so, then we are both missing out on stuff we'd rather be doing.  Then the house gets dirty again anyway and I just feel bad all the time about how messy it is.
So I finally got around to ringing a friend of mine from work's cleaner.   The deal seems to be quite reasonable, so we'll give it a go and see if it works out for us.  So everyone, come and visit us (in a fortnight after the cleaner has come) and the house should be much cleaner than normal and you buddies that have allergies should find out house more pleasant :)

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beesknees said...

I never had any trouble finding a justification for a cleaner, but convincing the 'housemate' who is paranoid about a stranger having access to the house and stuff was another issue. and I always had the ideal in mind - a cleaner who comes and cleans everything - apparently thats not often the case. instead using your washing machine, cant clean the floor 'cos of knee troubles, cant clean high up because of back troubles etc tec.