13 August, 2013


So I have none right now, seriously none, for work anyway. I can't be arsed going, I don't want to do any of the things I have to do there, no one seems to care about any things do when I am there and essentially I think it's coming down to I have no real responsibility for anything so who cares?
I keep thinking I just need to take a break and I'll get my care factor back, but I have had breaks (1 week in WA, 2 weeks in NZ, along weekend in Tas many many days off just cos I can't be stuffed going to work)  I'm just not sure what to do from here.  Ideas accepted, my dear Internet.....


beesknes said...


beesknees said...

Oops, sorry, was trying to get my commenting to work and entered that z by mistake. anyhoo...., now that I can comment again (woo hoo):

I think you definitely need a change in your job and some more responsibility. My outside impression is that you have had basically the same stuff to do in your job for quite some time now and you're bored of it and, no offense to your Boss, who seems like a lovely person, but she doesnt seem to be much of a motivator or challenging manager to push you, as her staff, to develop professionally and move forward (I could totally have the wrong idea on that though since I dont know her). That means you have to do it yourself or move out of her team to a more motivating area which is not so easy at the moment. If it wasnt such a shitty time for opportunities I'd recommend a secondment. but otherwise I think you need an earnest discussion with your boss and tell her you need more challenges and responsibility. You should develop some kind of a career plan/motivation plan. On the other hand you got it good there with flexible working hours, a nice friendly team you get along with - not so easy to come by, so maybe use that to motivate you (its probably not enough though).
Good luck!