09 June, 2014


I just realised I have now been caching for 6 years!
Wow! that's a long time. Still loving it, so I can't see me stopping any time soon.

 I cached on both Saturday and Sunday, for the whole days. I was completely stuff after both days. On the plus side, I got to hang out with great people and I notched up my 2700th cache find. I wonder what next weekend will bring? (who am I kidding, if it's not too rainy, a trip to the coast near Wonthagi is already found to... you guessed it, find more caches)

 I'm not sure if this link will work, but it is my caching profile on the GC web site. If not this one should work.

Geocaching - using million dollar satellites to find tupperware in the bush


Ann said...

Love the definition of caching :-)
2nd link to your profile........OMG talk about stats on steroids

Ann said...
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beesknees said...

I think you need to come visit to help with the skew on the elevation chart :)