12 July, 2014

Great idea

So, I had this really great idea.  Neil bought a lazer level and I thought I could use it to trim the hedge, as I have never been that happy with my manual efforts at trimming it.  I tried the other day with string, but as the hedge is quite long, it kept sagging.

Here is a photo of the very woodie looking hedge.  

I set up the level today.  I was about to start, and the skies opened.  It is only meant to be 11°C today. Thankfully it was only a short shower, so I headed out with the tripod and lazer.  

Bugger..... You can't see the line outside.  I'm unsure if it is too bright, or if the red line is being absorbed into the green plant (I might be over thinking that last one)

This might have to be an evening job

1 comment:

beesknees said...

oh dear, you guys really like your gagdets don't you!
Still, look forward to seeing the results!