07 October, 2014

Bad news

There has been some bad news here in Thornbury. Yesterday morning Clara didn't want her toast. This is most unusual. We also noticed she was a little pale (yes it it possible to tell if a black dog is pale) and a bit porky and firm in her tummy. All this added up to us having a heap of trips to the vet and finished with Clara going under the knife at around 5pm last night. There weren't going to be many good options to come out of the surgery and whilst we didn't end up with the best outcome, we didn't get the worst one either.  
Clara had her spleen removed and a mass of tumers around the size of a tennis ball.  Whilst we don't have the pathology back, the vet has advised us it is mostly like going to be malignant (cancerous) tumers.  These tumers had ruptured and were bleeding into her abdomen which was give all the symptoms. Unfortunately this was not the first bleed, it was just a larger one, so enough to give symptoms.  This means that there is a highly likely hood that Clara has cancer elsewhere in her body. Her outlook is not good. 

She is recovering well from her operation and is sitting with me here on the couch. Once she recovered from the blood loss caused by the bleeding she should be back to her usual self.  However long we have left with Clara is going to be very hard on us, but I plan on trying to make the time as special as possible for Clara.  

If any of you who know Clara would like to come around and see her, you are most welcome too, just give me a ring.  

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ScrapsofMe said...

We are so sorry to here this. The Scottie girls are sending aroooos for comfort.
Bonnie and Kenzie