05 October, 2014


Wow, I've just become one of those people. When I started this blog (omg was it really 7 years ago?) I was reading a lot more of other people's blogs and I was always rather surprised and slightly disgusted by how many were about people's weight loss journey's. I kind of promised myself I would never do that. So I won't as an ongoing thing, but I will just mention in passing that for the last while I have been wasting liteneasy instead of normal food. I have been loosing some weight too. I haven't been going this with the aim of being thinner (not that heat wouldn't be a nice thing) but mostly with the aim of getting some weight off my hip, which is completely STUFFED!!!
Anyway, I got a badge this morning and I thought I would share it with you :)


beesknees said...

and a nice excuse to use another gadget and show collected badges, he he.

but really, yay for you, well done, I hope you are noticing some differences for your hip.

and it's OK, as long as you don't talk about your journey, transformation or have a 'its time for me' mantra, you are not yet one of those people

Ann said...

Congratulations, well done
Its nice to get some encouragement.