31 May, 2007

Why is it?

Why is it that when you feeling on top of the world, and could handel anything, nothing goes wrong, but when you're tired and ready to kill something, anything, EVERYTHING goes wrong. Every last little thing gives you the shits, no one wants to do what YOU want, everyone is in your way, and everyone is a pain in the bot bot.
I think I need an early night :(

26 May, 2007

Cat excitment

A few weeks ago, my cat (Justin) stayed out all night, something he's not really allowed to do. He hmmmmm..... got the shit beaten out of him. We had to take him to the vet and spend a lot of money on him so he could have a lovely drain put in and spend a fortnight in cat hat. I decided that he would then be a permanently inside cat, cos I didn't want to spend any more money on the little bugger. This has been a bit of a trial, with Justin either whinging at the door, or trying to escape every time the door is open. This morning, he snuck out. An hour or so later, we were just starting to wonder where he was when we heard 'singing' coming from under the house. We got the cat crunchies, the torch and the water pistol and went cat hunting. There where two of them, under the house having a stand off. Neil decided to go under the house and get our cat. After a while of him crawling around, I suggested getting Clara (my Scottie) to help sort out the impasse.
Well, that was fun, Clara went straight to Neil, noticed Justin and sniffed him, then noticed the other cat, then it was on! She ran at him and bailed him up under the house, he had a got at her, and made contact with her nose. Then she was pissed!!
At this stage Neil and I managed to persuaded Clara to leave the cat alone and I took her inside, the other cat ran off, Neil grab Justin my the scruff and he was unceremoniously dragged out from under the house. All this for only the loss of a few drops of blood. Could have been WAY worse, poor Justin, he's a lover not a fighter.

25 May, 2007


I only decided to go to the NewTech conference cos I hadn't been out of the office for a while, a friend of mine was going and I thought it would be fun. I must say I was rather surprised. It was rather good, and I got some good things out of it for work! I might even think of going again. Thanks people who ran it!

21 May, 2007

no bugger it

A few weeks ago, you may recall the saga with my sister. In the end I had a 'chat' with her and at the end of it I felt like a completely unreasonable cow who is pushy and noisy and generally has no people skills. I came home and had a chat about the evening with my other half, who immediately reckoned that what I had relayed parts of the conversation that she sounded immature and insecure. This made me feel better at the time.
I have now had more of a think. One of the big points my sister made is that my concern is invading her personal space and that I should just keep my concerns to myself. A few months ago I met with someone I had not seen for a very long time. They used to see my very regularly. They had even seen me at my worst during my depression. He mentioned in conversation how genuine and honest he found me, and how consistent he has found dealing me with over such a large number of years. This helped me realise that the personality trait that my sister has deemed 'undesirable' is actually a trait that I really LIKE in me and think is important.
This does not negate that I am at times, extremely untactful and need to work on what I say to who, when and how. But at the same time it doesn't mean I am a complete social pririah, who isn't fit to hold a conversation.
While this relisation has help me feel some what better about the conversation with said sister, it really hasn't help me work out how to deal with her. In fact I feel it puts me back to a point I reached whilst talking to her. I tried to explain to her that as a person I care about, I am going to continue to feel concerned about her at times during her life. This means she might feel I am interfering at other times when I feel need to express my concerns. Her solution was for me to just not tell her. She didn't seem able to grasp that by not telling her, I would be doing myself heaps of damage (in the form of stress caused by worry etc....) I am not prepared to put myself in that position, it effects my health, my ability to work and my generally level of happiness. I said that if she didn't want to hear that sort of thing from me ever again, I wouldn't be able to maintain anything other than the most superficial relationship with her, cos I'm not able to stop caring, thats just how I am.
Bummer, looks like another 'chat' might be in order. Maybe next time there's an 'issue'

19 May, 2007

Wardrobe saga

I am unsure how to approach this. The new built in wardrobe we had installed a week or so ago had the wrong doors on it. This turned out to be because the sales man was incompetent and he has now been sacked. The company has offered us some gold class movie tickets, but frankly I'd prefer to have the doors we wanted. I think another phone call to the state sales manager might be in order! bummer

15 May, 2007

New girl

Well the new girl is here. This is the replacement for my position that I left 5 months ago. So far, she seems like she will be ok. Me on the other hand, my head is going to explode and my throat hurts from talking so much. I can give you a better report in a few weeks when we get down to some of the nitty gritty!

11 May, 2007

Last minute friday

I just heard the best call in the office for a Friday afternoon, it's only a shame the man said it quietly:

Pens down everyone!

09 May, 2007

Had enough - nearly

In January, I started a new job. at the time there was no one to replace me and I was still doing large parts of the old job. This didn't bother me, as I really didn't want to let me users (customers) down. Now it is 5 months later, and over the last two days, I think I have spent more time on my old job than on my new one. I am getting SICK of this. Oh well, there is a me replacement starting in a couple of days, then all I have to do is train them and get them to the point where they know as much as me, then I'll be right! So only 6 months of two jobs to go :(
Oh dear, feeling some what over whelmed

06 May, 2007

Knitting projects

I have finished my next project. Not completely happy with it, it's way longer and thinner than I expected. Mine is in a green brown, rather than red black in the picture. Must get some photos happening!

01 May, 2007

All day teleconference

who invented this idea? It awful, not to mention boring. The topic sucks, which doesn’t help the interest factor! What to do? Make blog entries of course!!
I have not a fantastic time of late, there have been a few dramas with my sister following my rant post. I probable deserved this, but hopefully things are sorted now. We'll see. I am now fairly tempted to move my site so noone knows where it is again so I can say what I like. I am now feeling quite paranoid about human interaction. I might save further posts on this topic.
Work is going well, getting busier and busier, which is great. Neil found this great site which I want to share with all scottie lovers (ie everyone, how can you not love a scottie?) and also this one which I think I am going to run up quite a bill with.