31 March, 2008


o no you are lost
what ever will I do now
ah but you are found!

Oh this post seems like it is on the wrong blog!!! But no! This haiku is about my phone, which I lost, cos it was going flat, and just as we started to ring it so we could find it, it went completely flat!

At first I didn't care, I wasn't concerned at all. Then I started to think I was going mad, the ringing came from the corner of room where there is no stuff. So I started looking in stupider and stupider (ooo i love that t-shirt!) places. I wasn't appearing. I had to be some where, phones don't vanish when their batteries are flat. So today when I got home from work I just kept looking and Yay!! I found it! (it was in a cardboard box we had gone and picked up/stolen from work on the weekend :) )

cordjigal (or corjdigal)

This is a drink you make from very sweet sugary liquid that you add water too. Some people like to have a bit of cordjigal with their water, other like it the other way around.
If you have the red version of this beverage, you may end up running around in very small circles!

26 March, 2008

24 March, 2008

5 year old birthday

Yesterday Clara learned, the hard way, that under 10's just don't get tired. They keep throwing the ball, even when little black dogs are really tired! Molly was sensible, she cam inside and sat on me, where she was safe from the children. Clara just ran up and down the yard, chasing the ball, and lying down when she could. She was such a good girl, she didn't bite any of them, not even once! She even usually gave the ball back so they could throw it again, which she doesn't usually do for me! Anyway, here is a photo.

23 March, 2008

new topic

Today I have introduced a new topic/label/flag/thingie. It is "interesting" and it's for stuff that I have stolen of the web or linked to. I try not to do too much of this, but sometimes stuff creeps in.


We decided to go to Mexico last night for tea, with out leaving home! Yay us!

And you can tell it was real Mexican, as it sat like a brick hour hours after you ate it, and meant we had to go for a walk. Delicious!

22 March, 2008

Their BAAAaaacccckkkkkk!

Last year I had a bit of a rant on Sheppard Avocados. And guess what, it's March again and they are back, just as crap and hard as last year, but this year I was smart, and didn't buy any, even thought I wanted to make guacamole for tonight dinner :(

16 March, 2008

Bacon Flavored Bubble Dog

Ages ago, we bought a container of bacon flavored bubble mix. Clara loves it (Molly can't see the bubbles)
Here she is after a 20min chase bubble session
Clara the bacon flavored bubble dog


I hate to write on this cos it makes me seem so shallow, but I'm going to anyway. I have been trying on and off to loose weight for a while. Last year I was eating Lite'n'easy for a fair while, and that worked. I lost ~10-12 kg over 4 or 5 months. For ages after that I was eating less and it tool ages for me to put all the weight back on. So I thought I would just do the same thing again, but now Neil is living here it's way hard to eat only what I'm given in my little bags of food. Basically it comes down to, it's my/our (ie: the western world's) life style that makes me fat (that and chocolate) and I'm happy with my life style. I like what I eat: it's yummy. I don't really want to change my life style. I like food, I hate exercise, healthy food is generally a bit boring, i forget to buy fruit, i love chocolate, chips and other evil food. But I'm sick of being so fat. Obviously I don't hate it enough.
Here is my graph:
control freak wieght graph......
Yes I'm a bit of a control freak

14 March, 2008

Cool 3D thingie

magical 3D image
It's really a bit small here, but if you click on it, it will be bigger and you can use that one

11 March, 2008

Dad's Birthday

Today is Dad's 70th birthday. We had his party on Sunday at the Steam Club. There were many people, we hardly forgot anything, the balloons were a disaster, much champagne was drunk and everyone seemed to have a good time, including Dad. Here are some photos:

04 March, 2008


Do you like my new counter? Isn't it nice? It even colour co-ordinates with the rest of my blog, which is nice :) Does anyone know why I made my blog pink anyway?

01 March, 2008

Just had to share this with all....

I have never done this before but here is a link to a post on someone else's blog. Before clicking it, I will put in some more stuff, just to tell you why I have linked to it. I found this particular blog when I started my 101 in 1001 list. This ladies site is great and you will probable recognise the spiffy table for tracking 101 progress if you look around her site. As I have been tracking her progress on 101, I have been reading other posts at random from her blog. I don't even know why I started reading this particular one, after the first few lines I nearly stopped, but hay, it's 10.30 at night, Neil has gone off and left me home alone, what better things have I got to do with my time, so I kept going.....
It's well worth it, read it, if your female, you'll love the writer, if you male, this week I don't really care what you think. Next week, if your male, and don't think the lady was justified either kill your self, or keep the hell away from me (again I have the love flowing to day.... I wonder why?)
Any way, I loved it. Giggle with me

Wow! My Blog is over 1 year old!

I missed the day, but I started this blog on the 17th of February last year, I can't believe it! One whole year of my dumping my head/rants/crap on to the internet. I started with no readers, then picked up one or two, now I have like three whole readers!! Thank you guys for all your support!
Now to two of my readers out there, get your act together, get a password, and leave some bloody comments, I mean gees it's not like I do this blog for my own entertainment ;)
Loves yous all!

New Bed

Quite some time ago, I was in a position to need some legal advice. The advice I recieved was terrible. It ran basically along the lines of, if you don't have any money, they can't take any off you. So I went and spent my meager savings. One thing I bought was a bed. It was an ok bed at the time, but that was 10 or 11 years ago.
Our last fire pay arrived and we happened to be changing the sheets on the bed. We decided it was time to get a new one and what better thing to spend the fire pay on. So we ordered it, and it has literally just arrived!!! Yay We have only tried it out in the shop, but tonight should be really comfy!!