27 September, 2009

Adventures in puppy land

Some of you may know that for about a year now, we have been trying to get some puppies in to Clara. The first time, about a year ago, we were very confident they were there and very disappointed to discover, at our ultrasound, that there were none. The 2nd time, around 6 months ago, coincided with the fire season. As I was away for most of the time Clara was in season, I was not at all surprised, I completely missed the window or opportunity to put puppies in. This last time, after a week of driving backwards and forwards to Clayton (from my house, ie: add 3hrs in the car to each day), we have done everything we can to ensure there are puppies. I only have to wait until Wednesday to find out if they are there. I'm not holding my breath this time, but if the number of people crossing their fingers and hoping have anything to do with it (half the scottie club, boy dog owner, me and Neil, mum and dad, people at work etc) it a sure thing! Will update you on this on Wednesday.

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