27 September, 2009

work stuff

We have moved desks. This is something that just 'happens' every now and again when you work for government. There is usually no real reason for it, and the ones they come up with as reasons, are normally some crap arsed bullshit about grouping people more logically. Usually the real reason is someone important decides they need a window or what ever. Any way, this one has worked out quite well for me. I have managed to get rid of a whole lot of files, cleaned out my (mostly off) food collection and ended up with a window seat. I must be going up in the world! So now I have a lovely view of the Dandenongs out my window. I can be a bit glarey in the mornings, but who cares, I'm hardly every at work in the mornings away way ;)
Anyway, on to the rest of the rant about moving chairs and the govenment. It's so crap, I mean how much money do they waste every time they do this? I mean, we have moved from one end of the floor to the other, so in theory, as we all (~15 people) have a new fax machine near us, we are supposed to all get new business cards (we won't cos no one really cares about fax machines anyway, but that's not the point!) What a complete waste of money! Then there is the box/crate hire cost, the moving men, the unporductive time of staff while we pack, unpack and let the movers do their thing. Not to mention it took me a WEEK to get a printer issue sorted with IT!
A friend of mine in the same organisation (if I can call my workplace an organisation, even though it has NEVER demonstrated any organisation to me! (HUMPH so much for conspiracy theorists!)) might be about to face a similar but even stupider situation. Cos some very important big wig (aka dickhead 1) doesn't like some other boss (aka dickhead 2) in the building, he has decided the best way to deal with it is to move the whole of dickhead 2's group (~10-12 people) to Box Hill! To add insult to injury, it's not like Boxx Hill has heaps of space either, and to fit all the staff in, they would be placed all over the building on multiple floors. Obviously I am also a complete dickhead, as I am unable to see that this is going to make this group work much more effectively!
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beesknees said...

and if you can rant so many lines about it you can iamgien how I feel. however, I am so furios about this I cant think about it, it makes me nuts