27 September, 2009

Dogs Shows

So, it was a week of dog shows last week. There was the already mentioned Royal Melbourne Show (don't think of the ugly people). Then that weekend, there was was the Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria Champ and Open Shows. The secretary decided it would be a good idea to nominate someone who wasn't showing to get photos of the show, and particularly the winning dogs with their ribbons. Neil was duly nominated. Because of the potential puppies, I wasn't showing either, so we had two cameras and clicked away for the day. We ended up taking 900 photos between the two of us. It took me ages to go through them all. We picked about 50 per show to put on the web site (or at least the Scottie Flickr thing I have set up.)


beesknees said...

900 photos of scottie dogs eh? sounds scary.
so do you also do that funny poncey run thing that people 'showing' do (when you are showing that is, not this time)

Louise said...

There is less of the poncey run than the hurried walk, remember scotties have short legs ;)

beesknees said...

true, but that doesnt seem to stop some owners of small dogs. We saw some 'baby puppy' (why do they need to say 'baby' anyway, isnt a puppy pretty much a baby dog?) showing at The Show - plenty of poncing, it was pretty funny.