20 November, 2009


Today was very hot, at least it was until a few minutes ago (Yay the change is here). I have been hiding inside trying to keep the family cool. I have also been sewing.
I wanted to tell you about a plant that is just outside my front door. It an Australian native of some sort, but it is know to me as 'the clicky plant'.In the photo you can see the little seed pods. When they are ripe and on it's a hot day, they open. Then the seed shoots out. The seed pods open with the heat and they make a little clicky sound (hence why I have named the plant.) When I hear it, I know it's hot.
I mentioned the sewing a few posts ago, it's going really well. I have near finished 2 of my 4 assessment garments. Ok, so they are the easy ones, but that's not the point. Only waist bands and hems to go. Here are the hard parts:Kick pleat feature on skirt.The 'proper' zip and pockets (which are sew shut at the moment as the pants are still under construction)
I'm quite happy with both so far, so only shirt (ahhh $97 worth of silk!) and coat to go.

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